There are not too many people who do not like to collect. The tendency is built into everyone. In 2007 the collection for the slope occupying the length of our side yard was started with some water tolerant plants given to me by my sister-in-law. Since then I have eyed every succulent for sale near my home and have spent hours on the Internet looking and looking at garden photos.

Everything is growing in beautifully but it is still an ongoing process. Some plants that are considered waterwise here in southern California do not grow well near the Inland Empire. Deciding to share my succulent finds and tips is natural because I like to write, use the camera and create. A website is a creation, not work. Weeding is work. Trimming a white climbing rose is work.

All photos are by me except where noted.

Succulents are less work, but they do need tending. I hope these pages will be of some help to you.

Your truly, Sherry Venegas


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