DIY vertical planter

This version of the vertical planter is truly DIY. All you need is a can of spray paint in your favorite color or to match your decor. Getting the wall register may be the only item that will add a few miles to your regular routine.heat duck registers

This pile of registers has been stacked in an area that is serving as a catchall. For two years I have seen this stack and wondered when it will be dealt with.  Afterall, the job they were purchased for has long been completed.

Suddenly, an idea slipped into the creator’s head and an unique planter was pictured. Many decorative items are shown in magazines and Pinterest and this one can be just as colorful in any patio or garden.

Where to Purchase Used Heating Duct Registers

The best place to find heating duct vents is your local Habitat for Humanity supply store. Each time I visited they had a few of these vents. The larger ones were less than $4.00.

On your way home buy spray paint or use paint you already have. Make sure to have planting mix on hand and moss. This is a Go Green tip and good for gifts.

Only need a can of spray paint for DIY planter

Hose the registers off, sand with fine sandpaper and hose off again.

Spray paint with your favorite color. Lime green is mine. Or use up paint you already have a home.

Click thumbnails to follow the steps below. There are screw holes for a hanger. I used jute twine for hanging. DYI vertical planter project done.

Krylon K05356900 5 Ball Decorator Citrus Green Gloss Spray Enamel 12 Ounce

This spray paint worked like a dream on the metal registers. No dripping or ripples. The project looked smooth and good enough for placing in the house as real heater vents.

I bought at Michael’s with a coupon and was about $5.00.

Fill with succulent clippingswinter view of DIY vertical planter

vertical planter hung on wall

If you have a succulent garden and a collection of plants, this is an easy gift to make and give to everyone you know.

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DIY Vertical Planter — 11 Comments

  1. Very interesting idea to use registers for vertical planters, the steps sound very easy and the finished product really does look amazing and unique to everyone else’s planters.

    My mom would love this planter, I saved your article and plan to make this for her this weekend. She will be thrilled having such a unique planter as this one, its been a pleasure and fun spending time on your website.

  2. Great article and idea especially for those people that don’t have a large back yard or live in a small unit/house. Could you use normal household vents instead of the ducting vents?. They would look great on any wall and the fact that you can colour them to suit any colour scheme is perfect too. Tracy 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy for visiting. Any vent that would allow a plant stem through would work on a plant project like this one. For instance, soft sedums that grow long and establish a hanging green look would need a little more water but the effect might be very charming.

  3. This is such a wonderfully creative idea and certainly budget-friendly. I really enjoy succulents and have numerous succulent plants in my garden but nothing as unique as this. I love the idea of being able to create a colorful display by choosing different paint colors. It’s also always nice to re-purpose something. I’m looking forward to seeing these attractive conversation pieces in my garden. Thanks for the interesting idea!

    • Hi Linda, When you finish a register planter, post a photo and give us the link here. It would be fun to see how yours turns out.

  4. My garden is quite small and the space that I do have I want to keep for my daughter to play. This is a great way to add color to my garden.

    You offer a great way to do this. I like how you can paint them too, makes it look more attractive. I will have to show my wife this. We could do this for a weekend project, or maybe over a coup,e of weekends.

    Thanks for your great guide.

    • Owain, If you can get the vents for free or very cheaply, make four and hang them separately as a grid. Instant color and some plants to nurture and see grow. Send us a picture of the finished project.

  5. Hey Sherry:

    Sweet! I would never have thought of using a wall register as a planter. It’s an easy DIY and you can use old registers to make the thing. Cool….

    Thanks for the idea. Now to go find one! (Not so easy when you live in a place where the climate is relatively mild and well-suited for weather wimps….)

  6. This type of planter would be great for my garden. I have no grass or soil, just patio, so making use of these is perfect. I might not go for the bright green colour, but you’ve definitely gave me some great ideas 🙂

    Thanks for the good read! I’ll make sure to keep updated on what kind of content your bring out next.

    • Lyle, a vertical row of three or five would draw the eye away from the cement making your space more colorful with hardly any effert.

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