Living in Southern California the home owner needs to control weeds in the yard year round. When landscaping beds need weed clearing the Hori Hori Japanese gardening knife is better than other tools because of the tip, slender blade and simple handle.

Japanese Gardening Knife


Owning mine since 2011 has proved to me that asking for one was worth the cost and it is the first tool used for work in the yard and flower beds.

Using A Japanese Bonsai Gardening Knife

  • The knife edges are handy to term off dried blooms while you are weeding.
  • The serrated edge is perfect for cutting succulents stems and clippings.
  • Use it for digging small holes for succulent cuttings.
  • The blade of the knife is strong and is made of stainless steel: this knife will not to bend. The shaft is embedded into the hilt of wood that is a comfortable shape. It will last for a lifetime.
Bonsai Knife

Bonsai Knife


Why I Like the Hori Hori

As I am weeding I can spruce up the succulent beds. This knife is perfect for the succulent grower. The serrated edge helps keep my succulent slope trim and neat.

The edge is not as sharp as it used to be but it still cuts all types of small branches. Cut buried roots and pull small plants up easily.  The blade has good heft, is thick and does not bend and is wide enough for balance.
gardening knife

Five Reasons To Love the Hori Hori

  1. I find that the Hori Hori knife has more precision than a weed pick. You get more balance as you dig beside the weed and there is enough blade, so that, you can run under a patch of weeds and easily pull them out at once.
  2. After six years, the shaft is as solid and tight in the hard wood handle as when it was new.
  3. I am perfectly satisfied with this weeding tool and unlike the weed pick it has a touch of professionalism.
  4. A bonsai knife made in Japan.
  5. I never use a hand spade anymore. This knife works wonders in the hard, dry packed soil of my yard.


This Knife is What Bonsai Hunters Carry in the FieldAvailable on Amazon
Nisaku Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With Stainless Steel Blade & Sheath, NJP650


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